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Treat Yourself to Vein-Free Legs this Holiday Season

Holiday parties and gatherings are right around the corner. Even those patients who wear tights or panty hose with their party attire want their legs to look and feel their best before those big nights. Don’t let unsightly spider veins put a damper on your self-confidence this holiday season. Eliminate your spider veins with schlerotherapy […]

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Lengthen Your Lashes with Latisse

Does your blond or red hair mean blond or red eyelashes? Are your eyelashes sparse, short or otherwise underwhelming? Don’t spend another day wishing that you could have longer, fuller or darker eyelashes – Dr. Calderon has an easy and effective treatment to help give you your best looking lashes ever. Many patients come to […]

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5 Tips for Healthy Skin

  Find out how you can keep your skin looking healthy and fabulous at any age with these quick and easy tips. 1. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun, which can cause wrinkles and spots, and in some cases may lead to cancer and other illnesses. Make an effort to always wear sunblock, and cover […]

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