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Smoothing Body Moisturizer

Nourish & Protect


Exfoliation and renewal

Formulated with 12% Lactic Acid to provide immediate moisture and gentle exfoliation to treat symptoms associated with severely dry skin conditions. Lactic acid is a naturally occurring humectant for the skin. It gently exfoliates to help promote smooth, healthy skin on dry hands, feet, elbows, and heels. Fruit acid blended with rich emollients help eliminate flakiness as it sloughs away scaly, dry patches associated with Keratosis Pilaris and other dry skin conditions. Each use leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated all day.

Key Active IngredientsThe Results
The BenefitsDirectionsDr. Recommendations
The Results: Treats, softens and moisturizes dry or flaky skin. It immediately hydrates skin to relieve irritation, and exfoliates to remove dry patches.
• Provides immediate absorption of moisture and gentle exfoliation • Stimulates cellular regeneration • Treats and eliminates flakiness as it moisturizes severely dry skin • Conditions with fruit acid and rich emollient blend • Sloughs away scaly, dry patches associated with Keratosis Pilaris
Directions: Apply evenly over affected areas and rub in thoroughly. Use twice daily or as directed by physician. Temporary stinging may occur upon application to irritated areas or to individuals with sensitive skin. Wait 20 minutes after shaving before applying. Always use sunscreen protection of at least SPF-30 on areas of the skin being treated and sun exposed.
If you experience dryness, continue using as directed. This is a normal, expect process of exfoliation in the top layer of your skin. Avoid using any other type of irritant to the skin at the same time. If symptoms of irritation continue, decrease use of this product.

6.0 FL oz

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