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Skin Tightening Radio Frequency

Radio frequency utilizes an advanced tri-polar technology to safely heat skin tissues to stimulate collagen and tighten the skin. This treatment is a safe, non-invasive way to improve the texture, tone, and elasticity of the skin. Additionally it will help define the jaw line and lessen fine lines/wrinkles. This treatment can be performed on the neck, chest, back of the hands, arms, above knees and on the abdomen.
How does Radio Frequency work?
During your treatment, your licensed technician will precisely infuse energy to the area of the inner layer of your skin (dermis) using radio frequency technology. As the dermis is heated, high radio frequency waves permeate the epidermis and take effect on the collagen-rich dermal tissue. This produces controllable heat resulting in the contraction of collagen and the generation of new collagen

When can I expect to see results?
Typically patients will begin to experience results after the fourth treatment however a minimum of six treatments are required in order to achieve desired results, along with maintenance treatments.

Refresh your beautyHow do I know if I am a candidate for this procedure?
Radio Frequency is best suited for patients with mild to moderate sagging of the facial tissue. We invite you to our office for a complimentary consultation in order to determine if you would be a candidate for this procedure.

Is the treatment painful?
The main thing you feel throughout the Radio Frequency treatment is heat which is extremely tolerable. Mild redness may appear occasionally but will be highly unlikely to cause any actual discomfort. This treatment requires no downtime.