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Dr. Calderón


Dr. Calderon is dedicated to helping all of his patients at REFRESH YOUR BEAUTY® achieve the most radiant, youthful, and natural appearance possible. Combining over 20 years of medical experience with the highest level of artistry, Dr. Calderon offers customized non-surgical facial procedures within the field of aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Calderon’s philosophy is rooted in the idea of restoring and rejuvenating your natural radiance while respecting and highlighting the unique features and proportions that make you one of a kind. In 2007, he founded his private practice, REFRESH YOUR BEAUTY®, and this name draws its inspiration from Dr. Calderon’s aesthetic philosophy of rejuvenation. The goal of every procedure at REFRESH YOUR BEAUTY® is to restore your natural sense of vibrancy using methods that are completely undetectable. Dr. Calderon is renowned for his perfectly natural results. You will experience a noticeable transformation with no obvious alterations.

Dr. Calderon takes pride in continuing his education to increase his knowledge and understanding, and to perfect his skills. He uses his extensive knowledge of all aspects of medical aesthetics to provide the best, most appropriate, and above all the most honest and ethical advice to each patient.


The Doctor as the Artist

The job of a physician practicing aesthetic medicine is to fuse the art and science of beauty, and harness that knowledge to help you reveal your natural radiance.

The technical mastery that comes from medical training is only half of the equation. Dr. Calderon believes it is equally important to approach the study of beauty with the same level of seriousness and dedication. Through his lifelong love affair with the arts, Dr. Calderon has deepened and refined his appreciation and understanding of beauty, and continues to learn how to apply this knowledge to his work.

Dr. Calderón had the pleasure to attend worldwide seminars, workshops, and advanced trainings such as The Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine World Congress in Monaco, The Annual Clinical Facial Anatomy Dissection Workshop in Amsterdam and The Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology Conference in Las Vegas. Additionally, he has received advanced anatomy training in Brazil, Amsterdam, and Miami. With over 950 hours of continued medical education, Dr. Calderón has remained committed to staying at the forefront of aesthetic medicine. He has trained alongside with some of the best plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists in the world to perfect his craft.

A genuine connoisseur of the arts, Dr. Calderón takes time every year to attend showcases like Art Basel, one of the world’s premier art events. His personal passion for both photography and painting have helped to refine and deepen his aesthetic sensibility. Attending facial sculpting  and dissection courses in both Vienna and New York have allowed Dr. Calderón to perfect his technique through a 3 dimensional perspective. Whether it is through his formal and ongoing trainings, his personal pursuit of photography, or his lifelong interest in visual art in all of its forms, Dr. Calderon has dedicated countless hours to the meticulous study of beauty through the arts.

This constant study of art and aesthetic theory has allowed Dr. Calderon to develop a nuanced understanding of principles such as facial harmony and balance, which are absolutely critical in creating the natural results his patients are looking for.

A true understanding of beauty in all of its facets is a lifelong pursuit for Dr. Calderón. It is truly a dream come true that he can apply his knowledge and passion to help patients refresh their own, natural beauty.

Prioritizing Patient Relationships

Dr. Calderon prioritizes listening to and communicating with his patients as much as he prioritizes the procedures themselves. Each treatment plan is customized to the patient’s specific needs and desires, and Dr. Calderon takes great care to make sure each patient understands all of the options available at every step of the process. Dr. Calderon and his entire staff build trust with each patient by taking the necessary time to educate them as to the procedures, results, and expectations. This level of personalized care is a big part of the reason why people travel from all over the world to see Dr. Calderon. Dr. Calderon has a very diverse client base, representing many different age groups, cultures, and professions. At REFRESH YOUR BEAUTY®, Dr. Calderon will help you achieve and maintain your most radiant appearance.
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