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Microdermabrasion Facial

The Vortex Peel Microdermabrasion is a procedure that is recommended for almost any skin type to improve the appearance of age spots, hyper pigmentation, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and to lessen the appearance of stretch marks and acne scars. This treatment is customized by infusing the skin with medical grade antioxidants leaving your skin softer, brighter and more refreshed.
Featuring patented Turbo Flow Projection System that delivers a safe procedure with the highest comfort level. This advanced skin care treatment delivers a projection of crystals at a consistently high velocity to remove debris and dead skin cells producing a perfectly even exfoliation.

The Vortex Peel Microdermabrasion can also be done with a crystal free system using a metallic diamond tip that is recommended for all skin types and especially for very sensitive skin. Since you can use this on more sensitive skin types it is also great to pair it up with a superficial chemical peel for advanced results.