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RefreshEYES™ Belotero® or Botox® in Miami, FL

The eyes are the window to the soul, which is why a lot of people would love to have eyes that appear rested and youthful. As a person ages, the upper eyelids can become hooded or start to sag, giving the person a tired appearance. Dr. Calderon can restore a more rested and youthful look by injecting Belotero® into the brow area or using Botox® to relax the muscles. These injectables can lift the lids, fill the tear trough, and diminish dark circles and under-eye bags for a refreshed look.


What is Belotero Balance®?

Belotero Balance® is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler injected into the skin using a fine needle to fill in wrinkles. It has a smoother, softer formula that makes it an excellent choice for finer lines in the face as well as more delicate areas under the eyes.


What areas can Belotero Balance® treat?

This dermal filler can work on under eye hollows that form in the tear trough areas and crow’s feet (fine lines found in the outer corners of the eye). It can also be used to treat superficial cheek lines, vertical lines on the lower and upper lip, and creases around the corners of the mouth.


What can I expect during my Belotero Balance® treatment?

Belotero® injections are administered using a very fine needle, and most of our patients in Miami experience very minimal to no discomfort during the procedure. A topical anesthetic may also be applied beforehand for sensitive areas or for individuals who are concerned about their comfort during injections. The entire treatment takes a few minutes and patient may resume normal activities immediately after treatment.


What results can I expect from Belotero® injections?

Results can be seen immediately and continue to improve as days go by. The results typically last 6 to 9 months and a touch-up treatment is needed to maintain results.

What is Botox®?


Botox® is an injectable treatment derived from the botulinum toxin. It can temporarily diminish the appearance of under-eye wrinkles and give the patient a refreshed look.

How does Botox® work?


Botox® blocks nerve response at the site of injection, temporary paralyzing the affected muscles. When it is injected into the area under the eye, Botox® temporarily eliminates wrinkles and fines lines in that area. Furthermore, once the muscles relax, heavy eyelids will appear lifted and help open up the eyes so that they appear more awake and youthful.

What can I expect during my Botox® treatment?


Botox® is injected into the muscle underneath the eye to treat under-eye wrinkles. There may be minimal discomfort during injections, yet most of our patients in Miami tolerate the discomfort well. However, you may still request that a numbing medication be used to keep your skin numb during injections. You may resume normal activities after the procedure, but be sure not to massage or rub the treated areas as this can cause the toxin to shift to a different area.


What can I expect from the results of my Botox® treatment?

The full effects can be seen within 7 to 14 days, although you may already notice a significant difference in your under-eye area in a few days. Depending on the area being treated, the effect may last 3 months to a year. Regular follow-up injections are needed to maintain results.

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