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Nose Filler

Do you feel dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose but want to avoid surgery?

Refresh Your Beauty® offers non-surgical nose filler augmentation that gives you the look you want. This simple procedure brings balance and harmony to your face. We use hyaluronic acid or calcium fillers, which reshapes the bridge and tip of your nose to improve your profile from the front as well as the side. It breaks down naturally after many months and is safe for contouring your nose. On average, nose filler material lasts between 12 and 24 months.


What to Expect at Your Appointment

This non-surgical nose augmentation takes place in a relaxed outpatient setting. Dr. Calderón ensures that you feel comfortable and that he has answered all your questions before getting started. We customize all treatments based on the doctor’s evaluation during your complimentary consultation.


Getting nose fillers only requires a few injections at the tip of your nose as well as down the middle of the bridge of your nose. Dr. Calderón minimizes your discomfort by providing you with an anesthetic agent and a topical numbing cream before starting the procedure. He also uses a micro-cannula needle. This advanced technique helps to reduce bruising. Many patients report no pain at all while others say that getting nose fillers is only briefly and minimally uncomfortable. You can resume regular activities as soon as you get home.

Benefits of Nose Fillers vs. Traditional Nose Implants

Some people consider nose implants as an alternative to a surgical nose job. This option is permanent and often requires replacement over time. Another drawback is that it doesn’t always look natural and others may be able to tell that you have had work done when you would prefer to keep that to yourself. Non-surgical nose filler augmentation looks completely natural to the point where others won’t be able to pinpoint what’s different about you. They will probably notice that you look a bit different without being able to explain why. Best of all, this procedure leaves no scar since Dr. Calderón doesn’t make any incisions.


We Invite You to Come for Your Complimentary Consultation

Dr. Calderón may select Juvederm Ultra Plus®, Radiesse®, Voluma®, or Restylane Defyne®/Restylane Refyne® depending on your nose shape and size as well as your personal preferences. You will have the opportunity to see several before and after photos of other clients who have had the type of nose filler you are considering. Dr. Calderón employs an artistic approach to achieve a beautiful, completely natural look.


Refresh Your Beauty® offers complimentary, no-obligation consultations to anyone interested in bringing harmony to their facial appearance without undergoing plastic surgery. Every one of our products is approved by the FDA. We invite you to learn more during a complimentary consultation at our clinic.

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