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Happy Mouth®

Happy Mouth™ Dermal fillers, Juvederm Ultra Plus and Radiesse in Miami, FL

You would think a person’s smile is timeless and unchanging. Truth is, the smile is susceptible to the effects of aging, just like the rest of the face.

As we age, our skin loses its underlying collagen, which supports it, along with its elastin, which keeps it supple. These changes, along with loss of fat, lead to the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin around the mouth. As the skin sags, the corners of the mouth can turn downward, creating a perpetual frown. Smoking, sun damage, even lipstick bleed lines also cause the lips and mouth to appear worn and aged.

But the situation doesn’t have to be frown inducing! You can turn back the march of time and regain your beautiful smile with Dr. Calderon’s Happy Mouth® service.

Utilizing the dermal fillers Juvederm Ultra Plus and Radiesse®, Dr. Calderson’s goal is to restore and maintain volume in the mouth area. Once volume is returned, the corners of the mouth won’t point downward and your happy smile will be back. Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid-based filler that attracts water to the injection sites, hydrating and plumping the skin. Radiesse is made of tiny calcium-based microspheres interspersed in a water-based gel. It fills moderate to severe facial folds such as smile lines, and it stimulates new collagen production. Both fillers deliver excellent results for up to one year.

The goal of our Happy Mouth® service is a natural-looking smile, a happy mouth, if you will. You’ll look younger and that perpetual frown will be long gone. Plus, the procedure usually takes less than an hour and has no downtime.