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Lip Augmentation for a Perfect Pout

Thousands of women suffer from thinned lips. This condition can occur as volume reduces over time due to aging. However, many patients are also just born with naturally thin lips.  If you seek cosmetic correction for your thin lips contact our office to learn more about lip augmentation services today.

Lip augmentation is performed in our office, typically in less than one hour. There are many ways to perform a successful lip augmentation include the use of Restylane, which is dermal filler, fat transfer, or a lip implant.

  • Restylane is the most popular dermal filler used for temporary lip enhancement. Because it appears smooth and natural when placed under the superficial skin, it is a great option for adding volume to the thin skin found on the lips.  Treatment typically lasts 6-9 months.
  • Fat transfer is another option available. Fat cells are harvested from another area of the body such as the abdomen or hips, prepared and injected into the lips. Results are temporary but long lasting.
  • Implants can also be used to permanently enhance the fullness of the lips.  Implants can be constructed of saline or other materials. Implants are inserted via an incision made inside the mouth.

No matter which method you choose it is important to understand your options and discuss your concerns and goals with Dr. Calderon prior to treatment.