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5 Tips for Healthy Skin

Find out how you can keep your skin looking healthy and fabulous at any age with these quick and easy tips.

1. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun, which can cause wrinkles and spots, and in some cases may lead to cancer and other illnesses. Make an effort to always wear sunblock, and cover up as much as possible when outdoors. Try a sponge for sunscreen applications as opposed to your hands. The sponge helps the sunscreen better penetrate your skin, making it more effective.

2. Consume plenty of nourishing foods that are rich in antioxidants to give your skin protection from free-radicals. Try the boosting powers of green tea, fruits and even a little dark chocolate. These will help get rid of the toxins found inside your body. A healthy diet of unprocessed, whole foods like vegetables and whole grains contain nutrients that help fight breakouts as well.

3. Sleep your way to glowing skin with a good night’s rest. “Beauty” sleep is not just an old wives’ tale.  Sleep allows the skin to restore its natural balance and increases the effectiveness of certain skin care ingredients, potentially providing more benefit to your skin. When you don’t get enough sleep, your skin will show it. Eyes might look dark and puffy after even a single night of poor sleep, but chronic sleep deprivation can lead to a dull, dehydrated complexion and can wreak havoc on skin prone to acne.

4. Exercise is not only great for your health, but can also help improve the look of your skin. Regular physical activity allows your skin to sweat out toxins, which can boost skin health and add a natural glow. Once you sweat out those toxins, it’s important to wash them off — you don’t want to leave them sitting on your skin. Always shower after a workout to prevent bacterial or fungal infections that may occur from dirt clogging up your pores.

5. Taking the right vitamins and minerals is essential to fill in any gaps in your diet. Your skin is easily affected from both inside and out. Try of boost of vitamins C, E, and A for a dose of beta-carotene, which can curb the damage caused by free radicals that can harm skin cells and cause signs of aging.

Your appearance is dependent upon caring of your skin so that it’s healthy. Developing a good skin care routine will require some time and efforts from you, but the results will be worth it.