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Lengthen Your Lashes with Latisse

Does your blond or red hair mean blond or red eyelashes? Are your eyelashes sparse, short or otherwise underwhelming? Don’t spend another day wishing that you could have longer, fuller or darker eyelashes – Dr. Calderon has an easy and effective treatment to help give you your best looking lashes ever.

Many patients come to Dr. Calderon for treatment only after spending countless dollars and hours on mascaras and even false eyelashes.  There is no reason to muddle through applying false lashes, trying to make them look realistic, or dealing with messy and hard to remove mascara products. These products are not only ineffective but also only offer temporary results.

Light, sparse or short eyelashes can be a thing of the past with Latisse.  Latisse is only available from physicians and is a prescription strength product. It’s not messy like false lashes or loads of mascara and is applied simply, each day. Just topically apply Latisse to your lashes each day, as you would mascara, and watch your lashes grow fuller, longer and darker each day.  Your full results will be realized within four months.

Latisse is the easiest and most effective way to create long-lasting beautiful eyelashes – without the mess. Contact Dr. Calderon today to learn more about what Latisse can do for your appearance.